General Information


Our prime concern is the safety and well-being of each child. We promote a comfortable and child-centered environment combined with a positive approach to further the development of the whole child.


Our mission is for all students to succeed through innovative and creative experiences, while developing their personal and social skills.


On regular school days, the daycare operates from 7:00 – 6:00 to meet the needs of today’s busy family schedules.


Our hours are:
7:00 - 8:45
11:45 - 12:40
15:30 - 18:00


On Ped Days the daycare offers 10 hours of service as per government guidelines. The Ped Day hours of operation are 7:00 – 6:00.


The St. Anthony Daycare is a government subsidized program; the daily rate is determined by MEESR (Ministère de l’Éducation Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche.)


Please contact the Daycare at 514 780-8975 for additional information.