Vision Statement:
At St. Anthony School, we value the importance of stimulating learning partnerships amongst students, teachers, parents, and the community. We believe a child's elementary school life, in a safe and caring environment, lays the foundation for the development of a positive attitude towards lifelong learning within a global mindset. 

.All students are encouraged to aspire to high individual academic standards through our early immersion model in language arts, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, music, ethics and religious culture, drama and physical education.  

We believe that all students can succeed to the best of their ability by encouraging open-mindedness, risk taking, being knowledgeable and inquisitive.  By cultivating these abilities, our students will become caring and active learners’ helping create a more peaceful world by demonstrating intercultural understanding and respect.  

Mission Statement:

Our mission at St. Anthony School is to nurture intellectual curiosity through an inquiry based approach to learning where parents, community members and staff work in unison. Students will develop their personal and social skills through an international mindset in a peaceful and safe bilingual environment that celebrates different learning styles.

In keeping with our overall objective of raising all of our students to the highest levels of their capabilities and embracing the importance of lifelong learning, our aim is to have our students graduate from St. Anthony School and succeed as global thinkers and doers at the next level of their education and beyond.