Welcome to the St. Anthony school website. One of the most amazing aspect of our school is our team

    Our daycare services are of superior quality, where students are engaged in enriching activities.

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    There is never a dull moment at St. Anthony School. From plays, to circuses, to cultural activities, there is always something happening!

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    Promoting a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of everything that we do.


One of the most amazing aspect of our school is our team. Our team is comprised of a professional staff, dedicated parents and eager students. Our main focus is to provide a high quality French Immersion curriculum that ensures that our students become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

Our team focuses on the needs of all of our students and maintains a caring and supportive environment that encourages student potential and growth.

Welcome Back!

The new school year is almost underway! 

At St. Anthony School, we believe that each child’s elementary school experience is special and will lay the foundation for future successes.  With the anticipation of a new school year, we can’t help but wonder what new learning experiences will inspire them to question concepts, explore ideas and build curiosity. 

In preparation for these moments, the St. Anthony School staff has been working hard to ensure that our students have a successful year.  We can’t wait to see our students on August 30!

Looking ahead, we are really looking forward to all the activities planned for the school year... don't blink, you might miss one!

Want to take a look at the students in action?  Visit our Facebook page to take a closer look!

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We engage. We inspire. We empower. We encourage. We care.
  • Dedicated Staff

    Our school staff is dedicated to your child’s success and development.

  • Fine Arts

    Drama is a big part of our school. Performance is a valued art in our school.

  • Future Ready

    Inspiring students to develop a growth mindset with a relevant curriculum.

  • Sports Emphasis

    Ample opportunities to experience various sports.

  • Technology-Driven Curriculum

    Integrated technology and innovative practices.