Educational Project

  • School Profile
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement

St. Anthony Elementary is located at 17750, rue Meloche in the West Island of Montreal . The school has an enrolment of 385 students. St. Anthony School is a community school with approximately 95% of its student population walking to school.

As part of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, St. Anthony School has been designated by the School Board as an Early French Immersion School . Therefore, in Kindergarten and Cycle I, the regular Quebec Education Program for English schools has been modified and the time allocation for French instruction has been increased. For students at these levels 85% of the school day is spent learning in French and 15% of the school day is designated for English instruction. The philosophy behind the Early Immersion Model of instruction is that early introduction of a second language is most effective and does not interfere with the acquisition of the first language, English.

In Cycle II and Cycle III, the students follow a bilingual program. For students at these levels 50% of the school day is spent learning in French and 50% is designated for English instruction. The aim of the Bilingual Program is to continue the student acquisition of French Second Language skills while simultaneously developing the English Language skills in order to have students graduate functionally bilingual.

To enhance student learning the school has:

  • A Physical Education program
  • A Music program in Kindergarten, Cycle II and Cycle III
  • A Cycle I English Language Arts Enhancement program
  • Resource support for students "At Risk"
  • Integration Aide support for "Special Needs" students
  • Weekly support from a psychologist, speech language therapist & spiritual animator
  • A library
  • A computer lab
  • Classroom computers
  • A mobile, laptop computer station
  • A government subsidized morning and after school daycare program aligned with the school's mission.
  • A supervised lunchtime program with daily hot lunches available to students.
  • Parent volunteers who play a valuable role in many aspects of the school.

The mission of St. Anthony Elementary School is for students to succeed academically through innovative and creative experiences, while developing their personal and social skills in a bilingual environment.

At St. Anthony Elementary we believe that the most important time in a child’s school life is at elementary level. We value the importance of stimulating learning partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and the community, while encouraging the success of each student to the best of his or her ability. We value the development of a positive attitude towards learning in each child and believe that learning is a lifelong adventure. We are committed to:

Aims & Objectives

  • Academin Achievement
  • Personal & Social Development
  • Bilingualism
  • The school will embrace a child-centered philosophy and the understanding that children learn differently
  • Teachers will develop lessons that are meaningful to the students, relevant to their daily lives, and include hands-on activities and experiential education experiences.
  • Students will acquire a high level of competency in English Language Arts, French Language Arts, and Mathematics.
  • Students will develop good work habits and study skills
  • Teachers will collaborate in Cycle teams.
  • Older students will assist the younger students in Math, English Language Arts, and French Language Arts, through a peer mentoring program.
  • Academic enrichment will be provided through opportunities to participate in school competitions in math, science, computers, public speaking/debating, storytelling, English and French.
  • A safe, calm, and serene climate and learning environment with behaviour standards established through a code of conduct will be maintained
  • School spirit will be promoted through music, sports, Cycle activities, school events, and charitable events.
  • The school will encourage the development of compassionate, empathetic, self assured, and fair minded students who can make positive contributions as individuals and as members of groups.
  • Students will be taught to respect themselves, others and the environment.
  • Students will be acknowledged for qualities such as leadership, humanitarianism, respect, responsibility, excellence, achievement, effort, progress, and creativity.
  • Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of diversity and other cultures.
  • The school will promote literacy in French and English through a balanced literacy program, authentic writing, a wide selection of literature genres.
  • The school will create a bilingual climate and environment by:

a. Displaying student work in French and English

b. Organizing activities to encourage the use of French outside of the classroom setting

c. Holding bilingual school assemblies

d. Offering French and English lunchtime activities

e. Making announcements in English and French on the intercom

f. Having the principal speak to the students in French during French class time

g. Creating a rich, bilingual library

h. Integrating French and English into the technology component of the curriculum