Lunch Program

The St. Anthony Lunch Program is the responsibility of the Daycare Technician. Students registered in the Lunch Program eat in classrooms and are supervised by Daycare Educators and/or Student Supervisors. As part of the St. Anthony School community service initiative grade 6 students will spend 10 weeks assisting with the kindergarten children in their classrooms.


When attending Lunch Program part time - days cannot be substituted or switched.  Registration may be changed with two week written notification.

The Daycare contact: (514) 780-8975 or sshowers@lbpsb.qc.ca



The lunch period at St. Anthony School runs from 11:45 AM to 12:40 PM.

Children not attending the Lunch Program should not arrive in the school yard prior to 12:30 PM. Children not registered to attend Morning Daycare may not arrive in the school yard prior to 8:45 AM.



Lunch Program - Emergency drop-in fee is $5.00 per period. This emergency service is not to be used more than four times per year.  Please telephone the Daycare (514) 780-8975 as soon as you know you will be requiring the emergency service as well as sending written notification with payment by cheque.