Payment Options

Two (2) payment options are available for payment of Daycare and Lunch fees:
            Internet payment or post-dated cheque system.



Internet payment method is used solely to pay Daycare or Lunch Program fees.

A reference number appears on the statement of account of each child, under the contact information of each parent.  (Different numbers for father and mother). You must be careful and use the number assigned to you.

If you have more than one child attending daycare, we suggest that you use only one reference number, add all balances due and make one online payment only, covering the total balance due for the whole family. The breakdown will be made automatically between the members of a same family.

You must enter this reference number, without spaces, every time you make a payment online. The reference number is comprised of 19 numeric and alphanumeric characters and starts with SG.

The reference number is specific to one daycare. If your child changes daycare, another reference number will be assigned to you.

A hard copy or email copy of the statement of account will be sent to you every month. Please make your online payment upon receipt of the statement of account. Official receipts will be issued to the payer (father or mother).

When making your first online payment, you will have to perform the “add payee” operation. In the search box, enter “Lester B or Pearson” & it will list:  COMM SCOL LESTER B PEARSON – DAYCARE OR S GARDE:  Below is the list of financial institutions that will access Internet payments:

  • Caisses Desjardin:
  • Royal Bank
  • Scotiabank:
  • CIBC:
  • National Bank:
  • BMO – Bank of Montreal:
  • TD –Toronto Dominion:
  • Laurentian Bank: Online payment not available

If you cannot find the “payee” please contact your bank.